Price Guide

Please note that these prices are a guide only based on a 3 bed room standard size low set home. Varying home design or conditions are considered before a firm quote is given.

All our prices include GST.

Termite inspection: From$242

Black ant solutions : From$242

Internal treatment for cockroaches & silverfish: From$143

External treatment for spiders: From$154


Termite RESCUE | Call us as soon as you can | don’t disturb the termites


Termite Safe Homes | A Noosa Shire initiative


Pest Safe Homes | A Noosa Shire initiative

Our South East Queensland sub-tropical climate brings with it persistent pest pressure. Your technician will design the right pest management solution for your home considering:

  1. The conditions & environment in and around your home
  2. The pest pressure at your home
  3. Your expectations & tolerance of pests

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