Black Ants are a nuisance and can make a real mess of things.

Most of us will automatically invest our valuable time and money buying retailed ant poisons and spray the affected areas, only to have the ants return in greater numbers within a month.

Why does this happen? (See article at the bottom of this page)

You can now save your time and money.

Let one of our fully qualified and experienced Black Ant specialists take control of the infestation at your property. Our technicians are up to date with the latest Black Ant treatment methods.

The elimination of established colonies requires a plan. this plan will depend on the environmental conditions unique to your home and yard. As you can appreciate Black Ant pest control is a process not a one time event.

Our technicians will develop an exclusive pest plan for you. This will include anything that you can do or change yourself to manage the ant pressure. (It is always cheaper to do what you can with out having to employ the services of a pest technician and relying on chemicals alone.)

Because Black Ants are a social pest and can build large networks of colonies, treating them is not a one time event. You have no control over the colonies building numbers of ants in your neighbours yard or adjacent bushland.

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