Jennie’s story

Anyone who knows Jennie knows she is a caring person. After all, this is a lady who volunteered at a local aged-care facility for 5 years and has been a volunteer at the RSPC Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Eumundi for the last 10 years. When birds, possums or any other wildlife are found injured in the area, it’s Jennie who gets the call to collect and deliver “the patients” to the rehab centre.

For someone who cares so much about the environment it is perhaps ironic that the massive blow received by Jennie and her husband, in recent years, did in fact come from nature – in the form of a termite attack on their home in Cudgerie Estate. It has been a gruelling experience and a huge wake-up call but it’s a story that Jennie would like to share in the hope that it will prevent others from making the same mistakes they did.

“When we bought our house 14 years ago there was a Brisbane-based pest company that would come up and do annual termite inspections,” she explains. “But, with Russell and I both working then, it became difficult to tee up convenient times for the inspections. And it was this that led to us making our biggest mistake – something we still regret today. We cancelled the regular annual inspections.”

“It was probably about two years after cancelling that I noticed a bit of paint ripple here and there. I didn’t really think too much about it, which was my second big mistake!” Jennie admits. “It was only when I knocked my elbow against a wall in our ensuite and my elbow went straight through that I realised we had a big problem. Although I didn’t know how serious it was until Paul from Cooroy Pest Control came to do an inspection.”

“We were devastated. It turned out that every room in the house, except two, had been affected by the termites. They had got in everywhere – eaten the frames in the walls, eaten the skirting boards. They were under the carpets – it was a right mess! If we had only got an inspection done when I first noticed the paint rippling – it would have saved us a fortune.”

“Our third mistake was putting off an inspection because we thought it was going to be very costly. We thought we couldn’t afford the expense. As it turned out, the cost was peanuts compared to what we now have to pay to fix everything. People need to realise that regular inspections are not expensive. I don’t think people realise this. They try and do it themselves but I don’t believe they can do it thoroughly.”

Jennie and Russell have since had an Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System installed by Cooroy Pest Control.

“It gives us peace of mind,” says Jennie. “And we think the cost is absolutely reasonable. We also like it because it is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t use any poison which is important because of all the wildlife in our garden. Paul and his team monitor the system every 8 weeks – and it is working because they have found termites in the stations quite a few times. If they weren’t getting stopped by the system they would be back in our house!”


On behalf of the team at Cooroy Pest Control thank you for your story Jenny and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks – Kind regards Shane