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Celebrating 20 years

We’re Celebrating over 20 Years serving our Noosa Shire community

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Over all these years your support, of Cooroy Pest Control, has been creating local jobs.

Local jobs are important for our community.

A big thank you to you for being our customer.



The Noosa Shire Termite & Pest Safe Homes initiative

We have launched the Noosa Shire Termite & Pest Safe Homes initiative. This includes:

  • Termite RESCUE
  • Termite Safe Homes
  • Pest Safe Homes

We will give you key strategies you can use to reduce the risk of costly termite infestations in your home and creepy pest control ideas to help keep pests out of your home.

The South East Queensland sub-tropical climate brings with it persistent pest pressure. The Noosa Shire natural environment is conducive to good living for us and equally ideal for most pest. The environment, conditions and the pest pressure around your home are unique to your home. Equally, every home owner has a differing tolerance to pest and their associated risks.

We aim to provide you with tips and checklists that you can use to help manage persistent pests around your home.





Company profile

Established in 1998. We are a family owned local business and work hard at delivering consistent reliable work & solutions for our customers. We understand that each properties pest problems may differ and may require more specialist attention. We back our work with the right free service period for your property and the treatment administered.

As a team we meet regularly to train & keep refining our service offering to ensure that you receive the right service and value for money when you choose to use Cooroy Pest Control.

Our Noble Cause:

“We improve people’s lives”

Delivering Termite Safe & Pest Safe Homes | The Noosa Shire initiative

Our Values:

We deliver a safe, honest service & we are committed to growth

1. ‘Deliver’ – we deliver the very best in customer service & customer experience
2. ‘Safety first’ – keep ourselves, our co-workers, our customers, their pets & the environment safe
3. ‘Be honest’ – respectful, reliable & trustworthy
4. ‘Commitment’ – to our team & the effective performance in your role
5. ‘Growth’ – growth creates opportunity for all of us. Our growth comes from referrals.






The SmartGuard  philosophy


Quality management systems:

We’ve called our quality management system – SmartGuard

The core areas we are developing in SmartGuard are:

  • Our culture
  • Risk & Safety management programs
  • Service & treatment programs
  • Compliance
  • Skills training

We design our treatment & service programs using the:

  • Latest science
  • Best chemical companies
  • Australian standards
  • Industry best practice
  • Our local environment
  • The South East Queensland Sub-tropical climate
  • Specific pest pressure at a property
  • Customer expectations

Our treatment & service programs include:

  • Creepy pest control
  • Nuisance black ant control
  • Termite inspections, control & protection

Our promise:

We deliver programmed control over pests for every customer every time.

For more information on how best we can serve you

Call our office and speak to Ellyn, Amy, Mimi or Lorna



SmartGuard Programmed Control Over Pests




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