I had a problem with what I thought were mice or small rats in the house, but what was different was that I could spot them easily, they hopped around and they were very noisy. I tried a rat trap with cheese & peanut butter and rodent bait, but nothing worked.

Someone told me it might be! Ante what???

Antechinus are found in all states of Australia. They are native carnivorous marsupials and are protected. They have a pointy nose & long tail. They feed on insects, spiders, worms & small reptiles.

So how can I get rid of them????

Take a cardboard box, cut a hole in the side, place a live trap baited with raw meat or chicken inside the box and fill the box with shredded paper (nesting material). You can buy live traps from your local produce store. Takes a while but once caught release Antechinus far from your home or they come back! Replace tantalizing food often.

Please take care when you catch and release these beautiful little creatures.

Antichinus pics 009 Antichinus pics 004 Antichinus pics 002 Antichinus pics 001

We recently caught this little one and successfully removed him from our office without harming him and he hasn’t come back.

Lorna O’Donnell