The hardwood termite – NASUTITERMIS Spp.

Many people are often surprised to learn that one of the most widespread and potentially destructive species of termites found in South East Queensland actually prefer to consume hardwood.

Nasutitermes get their name from the soldier caste with a Nasute head – a head tapering to a long, distinctive snout or nasus.

Fortunately, for the informed homeowner, this genus is often easier to detect and identify, than some other even more destructive termite species. It is therefore usually easier to control and eradicate.

The common misconception that you are safe from termite attack in a hardwood home can prove to be a costly mistake for many less informed homeowners.

Termite nest in native tree - Noosa

Termite nest in native tree – Noosa

If you are aware of arboreal nests (Up high in trees), mud nests on fence posts or evidence of mud shelter tubes and tracking on tree trunks or piers within 50 meters (And sometimes over 100 meters) of your home, you have good reason to be concerned….

Termite leads on  native tree - Nasutitemes spp

It is important that active termite workings are not unnecessarily disturbed, as this could adversely effect any future termite control or protection options for a professional termite technician.

The latest non-repellant chemicals and baits require a mass aggregation of termite activity to work effectively for nest eradication. The greater the concentration of termite activity the better the chance of killing the queen (This is always the primary objective)

Some species of Nasutitermes spp. can be found nesting in roof voids, wall cavities and subfloor areas where visual access is often restricted; and they can remain undetected until extensive and severe structural damage becomes all to obvious.

I would strongly advise all homeowners and tenants to make regular visual inspections up to 50 meters around their properties. If you encounter any suspicious mud nests in trees or tracking on tree trunks, fence posts and piers you may well have found NASUTITERMES Spp. termites.

Paul Smalley

Termite Technician

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