Cockroach Control

The most common found cockroaches found in Australia include the Australian and German Cockroach.

Identifying which species of cockroach you have is important as it will determine the type of treatment that needs to be carried out.

Pest control Sunshine Coast & Hinterland

At Cooroy Termite and Pest Control we understand that each property’s pest problem may differ and may require more specialist attention.  We have found that annual treatments for most homes keep pest populations in check, although each home is unique and has it’s own set of conditions.  A treatment does not form a ‘bubble’ around the building. Cockroaches and other pests will continue to enter through open doors and windows throughout the year. To eradicate a pest, it needs to touch the chemical.

For our general cockroach treatment we are careful to treat any cracks or crevices where cockroaches can find harbourage.  Our technicians know little tricks of the trade, like treating the underside of your kitchen equipment where we can, so the chemical does not get mopped away, avoiding work surfaces.  They are always careful to treat the less obvious areas like bins and food serveries where food can be dropped on floors.

We have a pest control solution for areas with excessive electrical cables.

Family and pet safety in mind

Before doing a treatment, the technician will check the environment is safe for family, friends and pets before commencing the pest control.  This is so we can ensure that all necessary precautions are taken before any chemical is sprayed.

The chemicals we use

The chemicals we use are the same chemicals used in shopping malls and hospitals.  We use the very best chemicals available, and all chemicals are approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority)

Easy Guide on what to expect from our treatments

The below list is an easy guide on how our chemical works on pests:

  • 24 Hours | A large ‘crawling’ spider can take up to 24 hours to die (some of these spiders are large insects and it takes time for the chemical active to work)
  • 6 Months | Maximum length of time we expect chemical to be effective on hard floors (chemical is wiped away when hard floors are mopped)
  • 10 Months | Maximum length of time we expect a chemical treatment to be effective on carpets (Chemical efficacy decreases over time)
  • Once the chemical is dry it is completely safe.