Food Service

If you have persistent pest problems in your restaurant and or restaurant kitchen we can help you overcome them. We have pest management solutions for:

Drain fly control, Flying insects management, Cockroach control, Fly control, Rodent management, Ant management

Our systems are simple and effective.

Three more reasons to use Cooroy Pest Control

  1. 2 extra free services for the price of 1 in the first 3 months. After your first treatment we follow up with a treatment each month for the following two months. This give us time to get to know your business and put us in a better position to overcome persistent pests.
  2. Money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after the first 3 months we will reimburse you in full.
  3. Free service after the first 3 months. If you are not satisfied with our service at the end of any quarterly treatment we will provide you with a full treatment free.

Pests can eat away at your profits in many ways:

Did you know your current pest management program could be doing more harm than good, escalating your costs each day? If you continue to see pests in your facility, your provider could be treating with the wrong products and in the wrong areas.

Potential risk:

Structural damage, negative customer experiences, damage to raw materials and inventory, transmission of harmful diseases, violation of health regulations, food poisoning, decrease in employee productivity and morale



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