Jennifer and Peter

A rising star in Lake Macdonald

When Jennifer Sadler and Peter Lyle suggested a local newsletter six years ago the residents of Lake Macdonald jumped at the idea. The reason is not hard to fathom – information provided by people in a local community is most likely to be relevant (and of interest) to the rest of that community.


And so The Forest Star was born. The first issue consisted of only four black and white pages. Jennifer remembers that their start-up budget was $20 and the cost to print the newsletter was $19.50! It’s come a long way since then. Now, with 12 colour pages packed with interesting content and adverts (that are relevant to the local community), the Forest Star is more like a mini-magazine. It is delivered every month (by volunteers) to 220 houses in Lake Macdonald. The locals love the content and the advertisers swear by the response they get from their ads. It’s a not-for-profit venture – the ads only generating enough revenue to cover costs. They are always on the lookout for new content and will even consider expanding the publication further should the need arise.


In keeping with their desire to pass on relevant information to their local community Peter and Jennifer also wanted to make people aware of the termite problem in the area. When they built their house back in 1996 they deliberately used steel frames to avoid the termite problem but white ants still managed to get in, badly damaging a dado rail and cupboard. Peter’s advice is to “check your houses thoroughly as 1 in 3 houses are likely to have a termite problem.” They have since had a SmartGuard Termite Protection system installed by Cooroy Pest Control which they would definitely recommend to anyone.