Termite system research

Question: How do I get an understanding what termite plan I need for my home?

Trying to understand what termite system is right for my home and how often I need to conduct termite inspections is very difficult to discern what is salesmanship and honest advice.

Every termite product supplier and pest control company is vying for my business. All claim to be ‘the best’? I’m not sure how so many can be the best at the same time?

How do I get simple easy to understand termite advice.

Answer: If you live in the Noosa and surrounding districts simply email your questions to customerservice@cooroypestcontrol.com or call 07 5472 0141 and Karlee will get either me or one of our technicians to call you and have a chat.

For more information check:

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association

AEPMA _Code_of_Best_Practice_for_Termite_Management.pdf

Termite systems (Once a home has been built)

There are two basic termite system options available for homes requiring their termite system to be updated

  1. Baiting systems
    1. See video
  2. Chemical systems
    1. See video

Within both these options there are a host of supplier options.

One thing to consider is neither is better than the other, however:

  1. Termite Baiting systems apply to:
    1. All homes qualify for baiting systems
    2. Infill slab homes (Common in older Noosa and Districts homes)
    3. Resort style homes
    4. Split level homes (Where split level termite system has failed)
    5. Built in Queenslanders
  2. Termite Chemical system apply to:
    1. Homes where a continuous chemical treated zone can be installed | 50mm below the footing up to the finished ground level, uninterrupted.
    2. Chemicals have a limited lifespan | Check the label rate for the chemical you select.
    3. Choice of chemical is important. (Repellent or non-repellent)

Termite inspections

It is safer to assume there are termites everywhere in South East Queensland. The majority of the termite activity will be below the surface and you will not know they are there.

You can conduct your own termite check or have a professional conduct a Full Visual Termite Inspection.

The conditions around you home change over 12 months and Termites are always looking for new food source. therefore we recommend checking for termites regularly and employ the services of a qualified termite inspector at least once a year.

Give our office a call 07 5472 0141 if you need further information.