DIY | Prepare my home for termite season

  • Conditions conducive to concealed termite entry into homes
  • Base of weep holes should be 75mm above finished ground levels


Hi my name is Shane O’Donnell & in this series of Blog Posts I will be highlighting common issues or conditions around homes that attract termites or increase the risk of attracting termites. Many of these conditions can be easily corrected and often for very little cost.


We are often asked how and why termite damage is caused. There are many conducive conditions that attract and or give termites access into a home. The DIY series of articles are designed to help you identify areas of termite risk around your home and how to rectify those areas.  


Check the weep holes around the perimeter of your home. There should be 75mm from the finished ground level to the base of all Weep Holes.

Weep holes are installed above the termite protection system. If termites have access to the weep holes, its and easy passage way to the timber structures in your home.


This is an example of sufficient space between base of weep hole and finished ground level

Example: This is an example of sufficient space between base of weep hole and finished ground level



Common issues are:

Mulch / garden beds covering Weep Holes:

  1. DIY | Clear away all mulch and or garden beds that cover the Weep Hole opening. This is essential.



Garden bed should be 75mm below base of weep hole

Example: Garden bed should be 75mm below base of weep hole


Concrete patio or foot paths abutting external walls 

  1. If you are having concrete patio/extension/footpaths added to your home
    1. Plan for the finished levels to be 75mm below weep hole.
    2. If this is not possible then employ the services of a professional termite technician to provide you with a termite protection solution | Well before any concrete is booked to be poured.
  2. For areas where the concrete has already been poured you will need to employ the services of a qualified termite technician to work out a solution (If required)
caused some damage

Termites could be entering this home at the base of the weep hole and no one would be wiser until they have caused some damage



Timber deck abutting external wall/s

  1. The Pole plate (The timber bearer usually bolted to your external wall) should have a Termite Fabric or Mesh product between external wall and timber ‘Pole Plate’ | the reason for this is to stop termites coming up piers and making their way under the deck and into your home through weep holes.


If you have any questions give our office a call on 07 5472 0141

My wife and I have been working with the Cooroy Termite & Pest Control team for 10 years now. We have been providing termite solutions for our Noosa & Hinterland Districts communities.

Many of the termite jobs we go to could have been prevented had the home owner had a better understanding of termite behavior and what increases the risk of attracting them to a home. Termite damage to homes across Australia cost home owners hundreds of millions in repair work every year.

Shane O’Donnell – Termite Technician

Cooroy Termite & Pest Control


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