You can Take Control over the termite risk to your home.

Don’t let termites into your home. They cause more costly structural damage to homes in Australia then Fire & Flood.

The ‘Foot print’ of any home is huge (From a termites point of view) and it takes only the tiniest gap in your termite defence system to let them in.

We see people spending thousands every year on (For the most part) preventable termite damage.

Why RISK Termites causing damage to your home?

For most of us our home is our biggest lifetime investment, and although it makes perfect sense to plan to keep termites out, most homeowners don’t. Unfortunately, ignoring the risk doesn’t mean your home is not at risk

Taking logical steps to reduce termite risk protects your family and your finances.

What to look for?

For most of the time, Termites remain unseen, travelling underground, within the heartwood of trees and deep in the timber structures of homes.

  1. ‘Flying Ants’
    1. When the atmospheric temperature and humidity are just right we experience ‘Flying Ants’. These are the young breeding termites (Budding King’s and Queens) breaking away from their established colony to start their own colony.
  2. Termite mudding (See Termite Infestation)
  3. “Paper thin timber” skirting timbers, window frames etc
  4. Termite mud nests in yard or trees
  5. Suspicious mud structures in roof void or subfloor
  6. See our DIY Termite plan

Be proactive & prevent Termite damage

It is safer to assume that there are termites in every property in South East Queensland. Taking pragmatic steps to manage your termite risk plan will give you control.

  1. Regular Termite Inspections
    1. At the least annually
    2. If you are not prepared to invest in the professional services of experienced Termite Technicians the conduct them yourself – you will be surprised what you will find.
    3. If you have Professional Termite Inspections annually then we recommend that you have them during the winter. This ill give you time to have your home made ready for the main Termite Season (Spring, Summer and Autumn)
  2. Treat Live Termites in your yard/trees
  3. Maintain a current Termite Protection Program around your home
  4. Take out TimberSecure $100 000 Termite Damage Insurance

If you have termites in your home.

  1. Give us a call 07 5472 0141
  2. We will send a qualified Termite Inspector to advise you and give you options to take action.
  3. Depending on your unique circumstances our Termite Technicians have a suite of treatment options in their ‘tool box’

Request a Full Visual Termite Inspection

Call our office and speak to one of our helpful ladies on 07 5472 0141