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Exterra $250 000 Timber Replacement Warranty Program

We’re so confident in the effectiveness of Exterra that we back it with a $250,000 Timber Replacement Warranty.

Exterra $250 000 Timber Replacement Warranty brochure

Exterra is as effective as it is environmentally friendly. So effective that it doesn’t just keep termite colonies out of your home, it eliminates them completely. It’s not perfect, but we are so confident of its extraordinarily high level of effectiveness that we back it with a $250,000 Timber Replacement Warranty. If termites damage your home and it is covered by our warranty at the time the damage occurs, we will repair up to $100,000 of qualified new termite damage. Like any warranty, limitations apply. Refer to the actual warranty for a full explanation of the coverage and its limitations.

Just another reason why Exterra is the only choice to protect your biggest investment.

Look for this seal for assured protection.

Exterra is a great product. In fact, we believe it’s the most innovative new approach to termite control to be introduced in the last 50 years. But to be effective it must be used properly. Only operators who have trained and proven themselves competent and committed are permitted to recommend a property for warranty coverage. Look for this seal to assure you are being cared for by the best.

Call Ellyn, Amy, Mimi or Lorna to arrange for an assessment of your property and your Exterra Termite Management System to establish if your property qualifies for the warranty.



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