Overview, identify & treatment  Scientific name: Family: Formicidae (The family name is derived from the Latin word for ‘ant’) Overview “Did you know ants can carry more that 3 times their own body weight?” There are many species, sizes and shapes of ants. Three castes in each colony | Queen, workers and males

  • Queens are fertile & lay the eggs
  • Workers feed, defend & maintain the colony
  • While the males job is simply to mate with Queens

  Identify ants

  1. Elbowed antennae
  2. Appears to have 3 segments (Because of narrow waist)
  3. Front wings are longer that the rear

  Ants vs termites Concerned home owners may mistakenly confuse ants for termites Termites have:

  1. Straight antennae
  2. Looks like 2 body segments (Have a fat waist)
  3. Wings are equal in length

  Common ant species to the Noosa & Hinterland Districts On or in buildings

  • Australian Black Ant
  • White Footed Black Ant
  • Coastal Brown Ant
  • Carpenter Ant

In the yard ants

  • Green Headed Ant
  • Bulldog Ant
  • Funnel Ant

  How to control ants “Control the colony & you control your ant issue.” Cooroy Termite & Pest Control technicians have a ‘Tool Box” of chemical active formulations for the treatment and control of ant colonies (And other pests). Your technician is trained to design an ant management program specific to the environment around your home. Depending on the design of your home, the conducive conditions/environment unique to your home, your technician will design a treatment program considering:

  • species of ant,
  • home design,
  • conducive conditions and
  • the ant pressure from surrounding bushland or your neighbors properties.

  Ant Control We are often asked “does pest control get rid of ants?”. The answer is yes, however depending on the environment and the conditions that attract and support ant populations on a property; many serious ant infestations require a structured treatment process rather than a one time event. Many of the “do it yourself pest control and ant treatments” focus on treating the worker ants. For some species this can work, however, most species need focus on eliminating the nest. Key points:

  • The objective is to eliminate the Queen/s and where possible remove the nest/s
  • Identification of species is key to the planning and development of an effective SmartGuard Ant Control treatment
  • Most building will require the building owners participation in the implementation of an effective SmartGuard Ant Control solution, in particular in removing conducive conditions that may be attracting of facilitating ant into the building.
  • Pest control technicians should use a combination of modern treatments from sugar based gels and liquids, and non-repellent sprays.
  • Pyrethroid sprays should be avoided as they act as a repellent and could just move your ant problem elsewhere.
  • Some ants will increase egg production if they feel threatened or disturbed.
  • Most ant control work will require more than one visit to the site.
  • High ant pressure sites may require more frequent treatments per annum until the pressure has been moved away from the building.

SmartGuard Ant Control & Protection Program What can I do to control ants? “Attract a few and you can end up with a colony”

  • Exclude ants | Ants only need a tiny gap to get access to your home. Follow the trails and seal those areas
  • Keep surfaces clean | Ants will look for oils, carbohydrates and sweets
  • Treating workers with surface spray can work against you | See article
  • Keep vegetation off of external walls | Ants will use bushes, branches and vines to get access into your home and sometimes into you roof void.

  If you need advice or assistance in controlling your ant infestation call our office on 07 5472 0141          

Do I have to clear my cupboards for cockroach treatments?2021-05-31T09:25:19+10:00

The only time you will be required to clear your cupboards would be if you are getting a German Cockroach treatment.

However for our general cockroach treatments this is not required. The gel we use is registered for use in food preparation places such as restaurants and hospitals. In fact we can apply the gel in a safe manner even when restaurants are open and working.

How do I know if I have ants or termites?2021-03-19T13:56:51+10:00

A quick way to identify if you’re looking at a termite or ant is the number of body segments they have. Termites only have 2, while ants have 3.

How do termites get into your house?2021-03-08T09:31:01+10:00

Termites are subterranean workers which means they work underground, creating foraging tunnels to get from one location to the next.

Termites can enter through gaps and cracks in your home as small as 2ml, they do not need much at all.

How many years experience do you have?2021-03-19T13:57:00+10:00

Although Cooroy Pest Control was established in 1998 we have over 22 years industry experience.

How often should I get my house sprayed?2021-03-19T13:58:25+10:00

Depending on the pest pressure at your home you may require more frequent treatments until the pests are under control, these treatments can be anywhere between 9 weekly – 6 monthly. In most cases 12 monthly treatments are recommended.

How often should I have my house inspected for termites?2021-03-19T13:56:37+10:00

Australian standards recommend annual termite inspections be conducted. We may however recommend more frequent inspections if your home is a high risk property.

Is termite damage covered by my regular home and contents insurance?2021-03-19T13:56:13+10:00

It’s a good idea to check with your current insurer if you’re covered, however most insurance companies will not cover termite damage.

Is there any smell after your pest sprays?2021-03-19T13:58:43+10:00

Our treatments are odourless! However if you do choose to have a spider aerosol treatment, this does have a faint smell. We like to say it’s a warning for our customers, if you can smell it once you walk in your house you haven’t left the property for long enough. We recommend you remain out of the house for anywhere between 2-4hours.

Is your chemical safe for our children & pets?2021-03-19T13:58:54+10:00

We only use chemicals, baits and other products approved by the APVMA for use in domestic and commercial properties. These are applied as required by Queensland Health and APVMA guidelines and regulations. Our technicians conduct a risk assessment of your property before completing any treatment program to determine areas of potential risk. Once any area of risk is identified your treatment program will be designed to eliminate that risk.

What areas do you service?2021-03-19T13:58:35+10:00

Cooroy Pest Control provides pest management services for all communities within the Sunshine Coasts Noosa Biosphere, namely: Noosa Heads, Noosaville, Tewantin, Sunshine Beach, Tinbeerwah, Cooroy, Pomona, Cooran, Kin Kin, and including Eumundi, Doonan, Coolum and Yandina.

What can I do to reduce black ants?2021-03-19T13:57:33+10:00

Ants are very active over summer, however persistent all year. They can be attracted by a food source either sugars, oils or proteins.

  • Keep surfaces clean and free of food
  • Eliminate food sources | Place food in seal-able containers
  • Remove all vegetation that comes in building contact | This can act as a ‘bridge’ for the ants to get in
  • Remove uneaten pet food | Place food dish in a tray of water
What can I do to reduce the number of cockroaches?2021-03-19T13:57:43+10:00

Cockroaches like warm dark places and of course food scraps. Once you have noticed cockroaches it is essential to be extra careful about cleaning up after meals and removing all food scraps. It is also a good time for a spring clean and removing accumulated grease and oil deposits from around the stove and cooking areas. Try also to fill in any cracks and crevices around the bench top if possible.

What do your pest sprays treat for?2021-03-19T13:59:02+10:00

Our general pest sprays treat for Cockroaches, Silverfish, Spiders and Ants.

What other pests can you help me with?2021-03-19T13:57:10+10:00

Wasps, Fleas, German Cockroaches, Rodents, Lawn pests and Flies.

Where do you spray the chemical?2021-03-19T13:58:14+10:00

Internal – Skirting boards + architraves + gels in wet areas + dust in roof void

External – Sub-floor (if accessible) + eaves + knee height around the home

Why should I have a termite inspection?2021-03-19T13:54:15+10:00

Termite inspections are conducted for early detection of termite activity to prevent the potential for large and expensive repairs. Every home has it’s own character and equally it’s own unique area’s that are at risk of attracting termites or even concealing their entry into your home.

Will the spray you use stain my carpet?2021-03-19T13:57:56+10:00

The spray we use is water based and does not leave a stain on carpets.