logo with spiderFrequently asked questions about termites:

Q: How far can termites travel from a nest to attack my home?

A: We have tracked one species of termite for 110m from their nest and they had got right up into the roof void of that home. We believe that the smart approach to guarding against termite attack is to assume they are present and that you engage a local professional termite inspector to conduct regular inspections of your home. At least once a year.

Q: What are White Ants? Are they the same thing as termites?

A: “White Ants” are an old name given to termites. In fact termites are not related to ants, people mistakely identified termites as “White Ants” because of their size and body shape.

Q: Termites have been found in the next door building. Is my home at risk of a termite infestation?

A: The unfortunate answer is yes. If a termite colony/s is established in your neighbourhood your home could be at risk of a termite infestation.

Q: What do I do next? I think I’ve found “termites”? in my Noosa home. I was cleaning and I knocked against the skirting and it broke apart like paper and a little white ant like creature poked his head out. Please tell me I don’t have white ants.

A: To begin with it sounds like you may have termites in your home. We recommend you do the following 1. Cover up the skirting area that has been broken and do not disturb that area until we have inspected your home for termites.

Q: My house is a brick home and my question is can termites still get into my home.

A: Yes. A brick home does not mean termites cannot get into your home and destroy timber cabinets and or timber roof trusses. We recommend that you have a termite inspection by a professional of your home and that inspector will be in a better position to give you a detailed termite protection plan for your home. This will give you the control and the information you need to guard your home against the threat of a termite infestation.

Q: We live in a built up area in Noosaville. Does that mean we are safe from termites attaching our home?

A: No. Termites are found throughout the Sunshine Coast and we reccommend that you stay in control of the threat of termites infesting your home by having regular termite inspections by a local professional termite inspector.

Q: I have a quote for an “Exterra Bait system” and a termidor chemical zone for around my home. My home is about 70 lineal meters. What type of system is best for my home?

A: It’s not correct to give you an answer without assessing your home, the building design and all other conducive conditions associated with your home. However here are some points to cosider:

1. It is always best to consult with the Pest Control Operator who inspected your home.

2. Get a second or third opinion / proposal if you are unsure.

3. The cheapest proposal may not be the best option, considering a home is for most people their largest single investment.

4. Both chemical and bait systems have their limitations. In some circumstances where the termite pressure is particlarly high one may need to consider installing both.

5. If you are considering your treatment based on price take a look at the attached price comparison Chem vs Bait Price Comparison over 6 years– A chemical treatment should be replenished every 5 years. [Chemical begins to loose efficacy as soon as it comes into contact with soil, due to soil Alkalinity | Acidity, and therefore if the Chemical label lifespan is 10 years it make sense to recharge your system every 5 years as it would only be 1/2 as effective]