German Cockroach Control

They are smaller and faster than the usual cockroach, and tend to successfully inhabit buildings over other species. The German Cockroaches have a shorter life cycle, coupled with an ability to constantly reproduce, accelerates population growth.

Pest control Sunshine Coast and Hinterland

Family and pet safety in mind

Before doing a treatment, the technician will check the environment is safe for family, friends and pets before commencing the pest control.  This is so we can ensure that all necessary precautions are taken before any chemical is sprayed.

The chemicals we use

The chemicals we use are the same chemicals used in shopping malls and hospitals.  We use the very best chemicals available, and all chemicals are approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority)

How and where we treat

First thing that we like to explain is that in some cases one treatment might not be enough. Follow up treatments will be recommended depending on your infestation.

  • Gel treatment to all kitchen cupboards (drawers need to be emptied so technicians can reach to the back of cupboard, and remain emptied for until the completion of whole treatment, including any follow up treatments).
  • Gel to all wet areas (owners will need to clean out underneath sinks, so technician can treat to the back of the cupboard).
  • Gel behind dishwashers/microwaves etc. (we will get you to move these appliances forward if they are tucked away).
  • All skirting boards and architraves are treated with a chemical spray
  • A chemical blanket spray may be done to surfaces where accessible.
  • Gel/chemical treatments to any noticeable spots or crevices.
  • Aerosol spray is used in difficult areas
  • For commercial buildings – We ask that we have access to all wall fittings (Paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers etc.) As these can become a nesting/breeding area for German Cockroaches.

Our technicians know little tricks of the trade, like treating the underside of your kitchen equipment where we can, so the chemical does not get mopped away, avoiding work surfaces.  They are always careful to treat the less obvious areas like bins and food serveries where food can be dropped on floors.

It is important to remember that cockroaches will continue to hatch after the initial treatment, this is why follow up treatments will be determined by how bad the infestation is. The cockroaches will need to come in-contact with the chemical for it to be effective.

We have a pest control solution for areas with excessive electrical cables.

Tips to prevent

  • Removing all cardboard
  • All food placed in sealed containers
  • Clean crumbs/food off counters and floors daily, including spilled pet food
  • Empty food bins often and keep them clean
  • Make sure sink strainers are emptied often

These are a few little helpful tips on how to reduce the risk of German Cockroaches in your home.


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