A question some home owners ask me is – “am I significantly increasing the probability of a termite infestation in my Noosa home?”

As a termite inspector I get to see the many ways that termites get into people’s homes. One of the critical areas on a Termite Inspection Report relates to –

“Conditions Conducive to Termite Entry”

In simple terms, this highlights situations that are favourable to Termites, and for obvious reasons, the more of these favourable conditions we find around your home, the greater the risk of Termite Infestation.

Fortunately, you can easily resolve many common “conducive conditions” once you become aware of them.

Two of the most commonly encountered are the –


Hot water system leak


Air Conditioning Condensation Pipe

Air Conditioning Condensation Pipe

Termites are attracted to moisture, and can travel up to 100 meters in search of a reliable moisture source.

If your hot water cylinder relief valve or air conditioner condensate drains are discharging water too close to your house exterior, it will certainly create ‘conditions conducive to termites’, and will increase the risk of future Termite infestation.

A simple solution is to extend these discharge pipes and connect them directly into a stormwater drain or downpipe.


If there is no stormwater drain close enough, at least extend the pipes to ensure they discharge well away from the house exterior. The solution is often as simple as attaching a length of garden hose.  


n.b: Please make sure you are not responsible for creating a moisture source close to your house exterior or sub-floor. (This is a condition conducive for irate neighbours)

Remember, the best defence against termite infestation is your ability to modify the environment around your property, and to make it as unattractive to termites as possible.

If you would like more information give Rebecca or Lorna a call.

Paul Smalley

Termite Inspector

SG your home this termite season