We have found that the quickest way for our customers to understand how much their pest control will cost is by offering 4 main service options.

  • Pest Control only
    • Basic | Either Internal or External
    • Standard | Both Internal & External
  • Termite Inspection & Pest Control | Value package
    • Core Value | Termite Inspection & Basic PC
    • Everyday Value | Termite Inspection & Standard PC
    • (It is better value to combine both services 
  • Termite Inspection only
  • Other Pest Control services

We have always been upfront with how much pest control costs, with price guides on our website.

As you will understand our office staff can’t determine the exact size of your home so we will give you a simple price range and your technician will be able to discern the right price when he is at your home.




Q: “How do your office staff work out the cost of pest control over the phone?”

A: We ask the following questions to understand what service to recommend and estimate how long our technician will be at your home.

  • What pests are you concerned about
  • How many bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Any other sheds/buildings you serviced
  • Built on slab or up on stumps


Recommended re-treatment period


Pest control is not a one time event.

Its a process.

We are dealing with living organisms.

Your Technician will make his professional recommendations on when you should plan to re-treat your home. He will consider his recommendations on the following:

  • Finished floor surfaces
    • Chemical treatments to hard floors will be cleaned off relatively quickly and lasts longer on carpeted floors
  • The construction type of your home.
    • There are many conditions at homes that encourage certain pest problems. These are often unique to specific homes e.g. One home may have no ‘fly screens’ while another may have trees and bushes right up against the external walls.
    • All of these conditions are taken into consideration.
  • Size of pest problem
    • Pests that have well established colonies (Like ants) can take more then one treatment to control.
  • Pest
    • Not all pests are equal. 
    • Some pests have colonies that may not be located on your property (Like ants) and some pests like webbing spiders may not come into contact with chemical active once your home has been treated.
  • Pest pressure from neighboring properties/bushland 
    • This may be an issue as neither you or your technician have control of these areas.


If you would like more information either check out our pricing our website or call our office on 07 5472 0141