In theory a home built in the Noosa area on steel piers should not have any trouble with termites. This is usually true if you actively check around the peirs in your subfloor regularly (at least every 6 months) but if you travel a lot you may want to consider installing additional protection around the base of the piers to reduce the risk of termites making their way into you home while you are away.

Fortunately, this can be done relatively cheaply and you can do this following these next simple steps.

1. Clear away debris and level ground (Approximately 50cm square)

Clear away debris and level soil

Clear away debris and level soil

2. Install your prefabricated timber box around the peir. I’ve used metal brackets and nuts & bolts to keep the boxes together. (I used timber pailing and metal brackets I bought from Mitre 10 Cooroy to make the boxes)

1. Prefabricate timber boxes

3. Check your box is completely bolted together & use a spirit level to ensure the boxes look good once you have filled them with soil.

4. Bolt timbers together

4. I have used a mixture of good quality top soil & bricky loam to fill in the box. This should provide good quality soil for the chemical active to bind to.

6. Installed box to retain soil treated with Bifenthrin

5. This could be the result or your time & effort. If you use Bifenthrin (You can buy this from Sauers Produce & Garden Centre Cooroy or your local produce store – follow lable rates, mix into a disposable watering can and follow the directions and use the correct personal protective gear) this chemical repels termites, therefore if you keep the termite protection boxes clear of debris termites should not be able to come through or over the box.

Retreat once a year and keep clear of debris, have a professional termite inspection once a year. A program like this will minimise the termite risk to your home.

Termite protection around steel peirs

Termite protection around steel peirs

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Shane O’Donnell

SG your home this termite season