“I opened the cupboard and screamed! The whole of the inside was just this massive termite mud nest.”

Elona’s story | Cooroy

Elona was going through a tough time. A few years earlier, she had unexpectedly lost her husband (aged only 49) to a brain tumour. Now she was struggling to keep her company afloat and the banks were not cooperating. The last thing she needed was for anything else to go wrong but, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.


“I had decided to take a week’s break – to get away from the stress,” Elona explains. “It was my first holiday in five years. When I got back I noticed a small pile of dirt in the corner of my shower. I knew that wasn’t a good sign but nothing prepared me for what I was about to discover.”


Elona describes how the bathroom backs on to the laundry and that in there is a cupboard that she doesn’t go into very often.


“I opened the cupboard and screamed! The whole of the inside was just this massive termite mud nest. I couldn’t believe it. I just burst into tears! I literally just stood there and cried. I didn’t know what to do. I thought why me?


Further investigations revealed a lot of hollow-sounding skirting boards but the full extent of the damage was only revealed when the technicians from Cooroy Pest Control came to take a look.


“I think it was one of the worst they’d seen,” says Elona. “They were taking photos of it for their records!”


The damage was extensive. The back wall of the shower had to be replaced, as did the laundry cupboard, skirting boards and more. The repair work cost over $4000 and the insurance company would only pay for some water damage from the shower. Elona was lumped with the bill for all the termite damage.


“When the builder opened up the wall it was just caked with mud,” says Elona. “Those termites were very hungry!”


Cooroy Pest Control managed to track the colony down to a tree stump at least 60 metres away from the house. They set up baiting stations which cleared the house and killed the colony, including the queen.


Elona explains that they hadn’t thought too much about termites because most of the house is built on steel poles with only one small section on a slab.

“I remember they sprayed that area when they built the house. And that whole section is surrounded by pavers. But that’s obviously where they got in – from underneath. At least they didn’t get into the roof because that would have been even more serious!”


“I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy,” says Elona, clearly relieved that it is now all behind her. “I honestly thought I was going to lose my home. I really would advise everyone to have their home inspected regularly. I keep my home clean and yet this happened under my nose. You never know what is going on in places you can’t see.”


Thank you for your very personal story Elona.

Kind regards Shane Cooroy Pest Control