Am I alone in this? I just thought that a pre purchase building & pest inspection was just something we had to do when buying a house. But actually it’s really important. I am not going to comment on the building side, I will leave that up to you to decipher. But please read your pest report carefully because you could be buying a lemon. And this goes especially to new immigrants to Australia. The termites in this country can eat you out of house and home.

I always remember when we bought our first home and the seller said he was very proud of the shed because he had it built 75mm higher than the level of the driveway and I thought to myself “Why is he telling me this? Weird!” Aha!! So he could see any termite tracks leading into the shed.

When reading your report check if there is a current termite treatment in place. Make sure the building is termite free. If the pest controller finds live termites or a nest in the garden, get them treated immediately or ask the seller to do it as a condition of purchase. If the termite treatment is not current you may be able to negotiate as part of the purchase to have the seller pay all or ½ the costs to have one installed. Make sure that it is done by a reputable pest controller and that it is done correctly, not all buildings suit chemical treatments, so you may require a baiting and monitoring system. Have another termite inspection done after the treatment is installed. Have it completed by an independent pest inspector, so you can double check it has been done properly. Read all the suggestion made by the pest inspector, fix them if you can, this will reduce the risk of termite attack.

Again may I suggest you use a pest inspector who is independent of the seller, conveyance company and/or real estate agent.