How to Prepare Your Home for a German Cockroach Treatment

  • EMPTY/CLEAR OUT ALL drawers and cupboards in kitchen and keep clear until 2nd treatment has been completed – Unless otherwise advised by technician. Please do not move any electrical or paper items to other rooms as you may cause those room to become contaminated!
  • We Suggest moping your floors the night before treatment. And suggest refrain from mopping for a week after treatment to make the product last & take full effect!
  • Only return goods you have inspected and that contain no evidence of German Cockroaches.
  • Move fridge and dishwasher/washing machines from walls in the affected areas being treated so treatment can be administered in motor area of these machines and to the walls and floors.
  • DO NOT allow children or animals back into the home until the chemical is dry.

It is important to remember that cockroaches will continue to hatch after the initial treatment.