AIR 160 & Corona in China

After the Coronavirus outbreak, Chinese health authorities conducted several tests, in which disinfection technologies were evaluated on their ability to control this lethal virus.

The AIR 160 was found to offer a reliable and continuous disinfection of the air and is able to effectively eliminate the Coronavirus.

What to expect from the AIR 160

UV-C disinfection – which is at the heart of the AIR 160 unit – was found to be very effective against this lethal micro-organism.

A green light was given to this technology to combat the Coronavirus in areas where an outbreak of Coronavirus could have detrimental effects.

The AIR 160, was chosen as one of the preferred disinfection systems by the authorities and the operators.

This is due to the fact that the AIR 160 offers a pre-treatment, which removes larger particles from the air, which makes it earier for the UV-C light to target the smaller particles (such as viruses)

Simple to set up, maintain and easy to service.


AIR 160

Air Purifier


A word on the technology

UV-C light has proven to be very effective against viruses, which are too small to trap & collect in an absolute filter.
UV-C technology does not change the composition or offers no odour to the air.
An overdose of UV light does not exist and problems caused by mutagensis or cell wall repair of micro-organisms adapting to the UV disinfection treatment are non-issues.

Vectothor Air160 Brochure


Chinese authority



The AIR 160 offers reliable and continuous disinfection of the air and is will effectively eliminate airborne Coronavirus.

Detailed information on the AIR 160 is available on request.

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