Have you seen fresh or hard droppings in and around your home, garage or shed ?, these droppings are normally small and different shapes indicating that if small it’s possibly mice and bigger been possibly rats, either way you need to investigate as you don’t want these pests taking over your home as they pose a serious threat to your and your families health.

Other ways to confirm rats or mice are sharing your space are greasy smear marks on surfaces from consistent contact with dirty, greasy rat or mice fur, or nests hidden made out of rags, paper,cardboard and urine stains in areas they run along this also giving off a distinct strong smell or sounds like bumping, squeaking, chewing, mainly during the night, the best time to look for their movement is at night.

Rats and mice may pass on disease to humans, even indirectly via pets to humans, but mainly by contamination of our food or utensils with their urine or faeces which could give us Salmonella food poisoning, virus’s or infectious bacteria’s , and that’s not all, there’s more, because of their constant chewing ( gnawing ) they can be the cause of serious damage to various materials like books, food containers, packaging, and parts of machinery. The chewing of wires and cables has caused telephone land lines to breakdown and short circuiting, which has resulted in costly and major damage due to fires.

All this been said, there are  ways you can help your local pest control company to manage rats or mice infesting your home like reducing the food and shelter available to them , you must also block off all cracks, crevices, holes and other entry places, but don’t use plastics or wood as they can chew through them, you can use heavy gauge sheet metal or good cement mortar, even a clean up of rubbish heaps and overgrown weeds around your home can help, you can also use traps to catch them, working with your local pest control company will help you to identify around your home the various control methods mentioned, so depending on the size of the population after all this is done Your Local Professional Technician may suggest using a bait control as well, which would be the placement of lockable baiting stations , baited and secured in and around the outside of the home in places where there is evidence of activity and near burrows and harbourages, your Technician will keep a record of each baiting stations location, making you aware of their locations as well and arrange with you to re-visit to inspect them and monitor activity,these visits may be every two weeks to monthly and can vary until  activity ceases.

These baiting stations must not be disturbed as rats are creatures of habit meaning they have a fear of changes in their familiar routes of travel, if there is change they may avoid these disturbed stations.

Should you ever be in a situation with rat and mice pest issues ,we trust that this information gives you peace of mind knowing you can call on Cooroy Pest Control to work with you to provide programmed control over pests.