Termatrac T3i All Sensor

Are you worried that the traditional method of tapping, listening through walls and visual inspections will miss finding termites and other pests?

We have the solution

We’ll find termites and other pests in your home no matter how well they are hidden OR we’ll be able to show you that there is nothing there.


We use the unique Termatrac T3i All Sensor, the most accurate and non-invasive detector available. This unique 3-in-1 design incorporates radar technology, relative and direct moisture sensor as well as a thermal sensor for extra confidence.

The Termatrac T3i is designed to help locate, confirm, track the presence and extent of termite and other pest activity.

How does the T3i work?

Radar Technology

The Radar sensor uses non-invasive, low-energy microwaves that penetrate through most common building materials to detect activity. The high-frequency low radar emissions allow our technicians to locate and track termite and other insect activity without disturbance.

Moisture Sensor

T3i All Sensor Moisture technology uses a capacitance-based method to detect moisture differentials reaching more than double the depth of other moisture meters on the market (60mm). Our technicians can gain an instant reading by sliding the moisture pad against the surface they are working on.

Thermal Sensor

The T3i Thermal Sensor detects changes in surface temperature and thermal anomalies from current to reference point. An infrared sensor averages the temperature in the area of the laser pointer to provide a numerical result. This is the same technology as a thermal imaging camera without the pixel image.

No inspection damage

Using the Termatrac T3i we don’t have to pull walls apart or drill holes to find termites

Peace of mind

Not only will we find the termites, but on a return inspection after treatment, we show you proof that they’ve gone!

For over 30 years, Termatrac have designed, engineered, and manufactured easy-to-use innovative detection technologies beyond tracking pests.

Here at Cooroy Termite and Pest Control we are lucky enough to be able to have one of these handy machines available for our technicians to bring on-stie. With no extra cost, why not request the Termatrac T3i with your service to inspect a problem area in your home!