The Termite Systems

Exterra Termite Management
  • This is our most environmentally friendly system to protect your home. It’s safe for you, your pets and our precious environment. Exterra is a partner with Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

  • Our Exterra Termite Specialists will check & maintain every station every monitor visit

  • We will text visit results to you as they update their online electronic records on site

  • Keep eliminating termite colonies & push the termite pressure away from your home

Termidor termite management
  • Liquid chemical termite protection for multi-million-dollar homes and properties

  • Not all liquid chemical active works the same – Termidor is known for it’s powerful protection properties

  • The important elements are the stability of the active, and how long it stays potent for once sprayed into soil. What is more appropriate for the job, a ‘repellent or a non-repellent’ active?

  • If you are going to invest in installing a full perimeter termite system, then make sure it’s done properly. Reticulation should be installed to soil areas abutting home & where concrete is drilled it must be neat straight lines. There are chemicals labelled to minimise drilling through expensive tiles.

Trelona Advance Termite Bait System
  • BASF leads the way in termite control with the launch of Trelona® Advance Termite Baiting System

  • New Trelona®Advance Termite Baiting System makes baiting a more efficient additional or alternative approach

  • The new system improves efficiencies through a unique, highly potent active ingredient and bait stations that are easy to install and monitor

  • BASF has been a major innovator in termite control since the launch of Termidor®Residual Termiticide and Insecticide in 2002

Sentricon AlwaysActive Termite Management
  • When you inherit a termite problem from a previous owner this could be the solution for you

  • Your builder didn’t do the right job and now you have termite problem – talk to us about Sentricon

  • This is a full perimeter termite system for unlimited treatment of live termites

  • The Sentricon “AlwaysActive” stations keep termite pressure away from your home

HomeGuard Termite Management
  • Termite sheeting protection products for anyone that builds

  • HomeGuard provides total protection for all building perimeters from subterranean termites

  • HomeGuard PB is a polymer sheeting impregnated with Bifenthrin and is used as a component of a good termite management system

  • HomeGuard FlexiCollars are a flexible pre-formed collar that are designed to protect concealed entry of subterranean insects through service penetrations. These can fully integrate with the concrete slab protection

Our Termite Specialist Technicians Follow A Proven System & Always Eliminate The Colony