Miniature cows Noosa hinterland

Peace of mind where the small cattle roam

 When Suzanne Baker and Pam Robinson bought their beautiful house on forty acres in Eerwah Vale they weren’t entirely sure what they were going to do with all the space. But that’s when they discovered miniature cattle or, to be more precise, Miniature White Galloway cattle. These amazing animals (imagine gentle-natured, long-haired cattle about the size of Shetland Ponies) have transformed their lives in so many different ways. Initially they decided to buy just a couple of steers but, six years later, their herd has grown to forty and, what started as a hobby, has clearly grown into a passion.

It turns out there’s a big demand for Galloway cattle – in fact they have a waiting list. Not only do they make popular paddock pets but they are also being used in animal-assisted therapy. People find it easy to relax and de-stress around these gentle beasts and they can help restore trust in relationships for people (particularly children) who have suffered abuse. An adoption programme has also been launched which is a great way to encourage compassion towards animals and all the proceeds go to a wonderful cause – the STAMP IT OUT anti-bullying campaign. For more check out or

While their cattle are helping others de-stress Pam and Suzanne have had to deal with some stress of their own. Knowing that termites are a fact of life in South East Queensland and having purchased a very valuable property with a house, studio, garage and workshop all made entirely of wood they were understandably worried about how to protect their investment. They have always tried to keep everything as “clean and green” as possible and, with their cattle and dogs around, they weren’t too keen on introducing chemicals to deter the termites. Enter Cooroy Pest Control (CPC) with a solution that has ticked all the boxes and given them huge peace of mind. It’s called the Exterra Interception and Baiting System and it’s environmentally friendly, guaranteed and insured. “Real professionals, always friendly, with a wonderful back up service,” is how Pam describes CPC. “They have literally halved our stress levels,” adds Suzanne.