5 simple termite checks around your home | while you are working in your garden

  1. Always check old stumps & under landscape timbers for termites. These can be prime places to find termites.
  2. If you have a deck or your home is up on stumps, then regularly check the stumps for termite mud leads. Use a powerful torch in darker hard to see areas. We normally find them there.
  3. Keep garden mulch away from the wall exterior of your home. Mulch creates an ideal means for termites to conceal themselves while they could be making their way into your home.
  4. Taps leaking or water pooling against the wall exterior of your home can create ideal conditions for termites. Have leaking taps repaired & ensure pooling water is drained away.
  5. Keep stored items off of the wall exterior of your home. We often find stored items create concealed places for termites to gain access to your home undetected.

South East Queensland sub-tropical climate

The South East Queensland sub-tropical climate provides ideal conditions for termites to flourish. Always consider that the conditions around your home can change over a 12 month period.

When considering a termite management plan for your home, remember that it is best practice to have regular professional termite inspections.

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Termite Safe Homes | The Noosa Shire Happy Homes initiative

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