Love them or hate them, they are thriving.                                         

If you find black, white tipped, rice like Pellets scattered around your home, you have Geckos.

The white tip is actually uric acid (urine), Geckos do not urinate, but expel the uric acid with their faecal matter, similar to birds.

But remember, before going on a frenzied mission to eradicate them from your home, not all Geckos are imported, some are native to Australia.

The Asian Gecko, was probably imported in ship’s cargo, and was first recorded in Australia’s Northern territory in 1845, but not found in Brisbane until 1983.

They are nocturnal, and actively forage for food at night, feasting on spiders, mozzies and cockroaches. They can actually be beneficial in helping to reduce numbers of unwanted insects and spiders from around the home.

Unfortunately, they can also cause damage to electrical wiring, especially air-conditioner units, and can pass on parasitic mites to native species, there is evidence that they are starting to displace native Geckos and Skinks.

Reducing the readily available food source will cause Gecko numbers around the home decline. This is obviously the most humane and environmentally friendly way to control Gecko numbers.


How can I tell the difference between native and Asian Geckos?

They are very similar in size and colour to the native Australian house Gecko.

Asian Geckos have prominent spines running down their back and around their tail. They have claws on all their toes where as the native Geckos inner toes are clawless.

In 2009 they were considered a serious threat species but at this time is not a declared Pest in Queensland..