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$100 000 Termite Insurance

Don’t be eaten out of house and home. Protect yourself with a $100,000 TimberSecure Termite Insurance Policy.

What is it?

A five year termite insurance policy designed to give you complete peace of mind following the installation of an approved termite management system.

What does it cover?

If termites enter your home and cause timber damage during the insurance period, your TimberSecure $100 000 Termite Insurance Policy will cover all structural and decorative timber repairs or replacement, up to the value of $100 000*.

And you don’t have to pay an excess!

Also, if you sell your home the insurance policy is fully transferable to the new owner (an administration fee is applicable to the new owner).

How do I get it?

To get started, you need to arrange for Cooroy Pest Control to conduct a Full Visual Termite Inspection to establish what your home needs to qualify for this insurance cover. Not all homes will qualify.

Within four weeks of completion of the installation, you contact TimberSecure and complete an application and forward payment for the policy.

Following payment, all you need to do is have regular inspections of your protected structure (as per the pest managers recommendations)

If during the next five years termites enter your home, there’s no need to panic because you will be covered for the repairs.

To apply, simply contact Rapid Solutions on 1300 302 549 or visit www.timbersecure.com.au

or contact Rebecca or Lorna on 07 5472 0141 to arrange for a Termite Inspector to conduct a full visual termite inspection of your home and advise you on the ideal termite management system for your home.

Download the Timbersecure brochure here.
Download the Timbersecure application form here.



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