The Great Chemical Active Conundrum

After much research and informed discussion with your local professional termite technician, you have decided that a chemical treated zone is the preferred choice for the termite protection program around your Noosa home.

You now have another decision to make –

A repellent chemically active treated zone,


A non-repellent chemically active treated zone.

A repellent chemical active

A repellent chemical active creates an impenetrable treated zone around the house perimeter. The chemical binds well with the soil, and as the name suggests, the chemical within the treated soil around the house perimeter actively repels the foraging Termites.

Achieving a full and continuous treated zone is essential. If for any reason, there are any gaps or untreated areas around the house perimeter, it is likely that  termites will be funnelled through whilst foraging for food, and the perimeter treatment will have failed, resulting in possible  termite infestation.

A non- repellent chemical active

With a non- repellent chemical active treated zone around the house perimeter, foraging termites are unable to detect it. The Active chemical works more slowly allowing termites to pass through the treated zone, but in doing so they pick up the active residue, transferring it to other termites. This transfer effect allows the active chemical to spread slowly throughout the colony, and can lead to colony elimination. For this reason, it is desirable but not essential to achieve a full and continuous treated zone.

Where it is possible to create a full and continuous treated zone, a repellent liquid termiticide will provide adequate Termite protection.

However, this not always possible, and where there is any doubt, a non-repellent liquid Termiticide will provide more suitable termite protection. In high-risk areas, it can actively reduce termite pressure through colony control.

Chemical Active Termite Protection

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Paul Smalley

Termite Technician

SG your home this termite season