Recent industry surveys suggest that up to one third of all unprotected homes in Queensland are subject to Termite infestation and South East Queensland is a notable Termite hot spot. For most of us, the family home is the most valuable asset that we will ever own and it makes sense to ensure that we do all we can do to protect our investment.


Home insurance will not cover the cost to repair Termite damage, which can quickly escalate into substantial amounts of money if the Termite infestation is not discovered early enough.


An Annual Termite Inspection will not only help locate any early signs of Termite activity within your home, but will also highlight any Termite conducive conditions around the home and recommendations to help reduce the risk of future Termite infestation. The inspection covers the building interior, the exterior, accessible roof cavities, sub-floor areas and garden surrounds.


The report is a comprehensive and detailed document including photos and guidance on how best to protect your home, and information on your existing Termite Management system. This information is usually located on a durable notice in the meter box or sometimes under the kitchen sink.


Most modern homes will have some form of existing Termite Management System. This can be either a physical installation such as Termimesh, a perimeter Chemical Treatment using an environmentally friendly Termiticide or Termite Baiting System such as Exterra. These management systems are designed to prevent a concealed Termite entry, but will not stop Termites from tracking around or bridging over the Termite protection – hence the need to maintain Annual Termite Inspections.


During the inspection process the technician will assess the overall risk of Termite Infestation and make the necessary recommendations. These can vary considerably depending on the building design, the location, the Termite pressure and the client’s expectations. If further Termite Management is required the options are discussed with the client and a quote can be arranged.


Sometimes an Annual Termite Inspection is all that is required – and no further Termite Management is needed.


In South East Queensland an Annual Termite Inspection is considered to be the absolute minimum requirement for protecting your home from Termites, and is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done all you can to protect the family home – your most valuable asset.