Worried about termites eating your home?

5 Simple habits you can learn to manage termite risk
Take control | be proactive
These habits may help you rescue your home from costly termite damage.
CSIRO calculated that 1 in 3 homes have a termite infestation.
5 helpful habits
1. Inspect
2. Treat
3. Protect
4. Insure
5. Repeat
More detail …
1. Inspect
– Your options are:
A. You can self check DIY | its your home & your investment to look after.
– Regularly check your garden & the external walls / Stumps of your home for:
– Signs of termite activity
– Conditions that might attract termites
– Conditions that could conceal termite entry
– Retify all conducive conditions highlighted on your last Professional Termite inspection report
B. Engage the services of a professional Termite Inspector | this could be a smart move – you are not paying for his time but his experience he has accumulated dealing with termites in other homes.
2. Treat
– Your options are:
a. Self treat & you could potentially send them off to another part of your home. Causing more damage.
b. Engage the services of an experienced Termite Technician you can trust. At the end of the day you want peace of mind that the active termite colony has been eliminated. Some colonies can grow to having well over hundreds of thousands of timber munching insects, living underground sometimes meters from homes.
3. Protect
– Check your home paperwork or in your meter box termite notice & establish what termine protection system is around your home.
– Check if the chemical used in your protection barrier system is current (If the chemical used has a label rate of 8 years then all we can assume is that the chemical active is only half as strong in say 4 to 5 years. Some homes don’t have a liquid chemical treated zone.
4. Insure
– Check you Home & Content insurance covers you for termite damage | It is folly to believe that once a home is built that it is easy to keep termites out of a home even with a retro fitted termite system. With this in mind if your home qualifies for either of the below insurance cover , take it.
Two industry leading Termite Insurance/Timber replacement warranty are:
– TimberSecure $100 000 Termite insurance
– Exterra $250 000 Timber replacement warranty
When you have to have a new termite protection system installed around your home make sure you find a quote that includes either of these option. Usually costs about $9 per month.
5. Repeat
– Habits only become a habit when we repeat the actions over & over.
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